Weekends are precious opportunities to catch up with Titus, who hardly gets more than three hours every evening with us before he goes to bed.

This weekend was particularly well spent.

Saturday morning was cloudy and chilly, and we all got a chance to sleep in a little longer, thanks Titus. He chose to roll about under the duvet and snuggle, rising for real only at 8.45am. 

We spent the morning at a lovely airport themed indoor playground called T-Play, set within a clubhouse. 

Titus must have had such a wonderful time that he couldn’t stop talking about the experience all evening, even when he was lying in bed.

So today, we brought him back. Plus, we had an hour of splashing good time at the clubhouse’s police and firemen themed waterplay area.

Whenever weekends are wonderful, I’d wish for Monday to not come again so soon. 


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