Something popped

“Don’t worry about him not talking yet. Kids are like that – something will pop suddenly in their head and then they will talk nonstop.”

That was what Titus’ school principal and teachers always said whenever I shared my concerns about him not talking. His peers at two were already speaking in three-word sentences and could express what they wanted. Titus was far behind.

But the educators’ advice kept me hopeful, and I waited patiently for that moment something popped inside his adorable little head.

Well, something popped while we were away from him for nine days!

More than just telling us his horror encounter with the moth, Titus has been asking me endlessly for the location of everything: Where blue car? Where globe? Where (ro)bot car? Where shorts? Where shirt? Where water (bottle)?

And he has also been ordering us around: Bibi sit! Daddy go! 

Yesterday while putting him to bed for his afternoon nap, he grabbed my face and pointed to all my facial features and said: “Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Ears. Throat.”

I cannot get enough of his voice. ❤


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