Titus and the moth

Awesome Husband and I left Titus behind for our summer temples and trails vacation in Japan, placing him in the care of my parents.

And while we were away, Titus had a horrendous encounter with a moth one day when travelling in my dad’s car. 

The moth appeared first on the window next to his seat, freaking him out so much that my dad tried to wind down the window to remove the moth.

Bad move. The moth flew in and landed on the baby car seat. 

Titus was horrified by now, trembling and screaming and trying to get out of his seat.

My dad pulled to a stop, got to the back seat to chase the moth out and to calm Titus down. 

Unfortunately, the damage was done. Titus regarded my dad’s car with great suspicion and insisted on my mum sitting close to him at all timea so that she can shield him with her arm across his body.
What a long story, yeah?

After reuniting with Titus this afternoon, he told us this tale in just seven words: “Gong Gong (grandpa) car moth. Popo (grandma) hug Titus.” ❤

And he wouldn’t stop telling us this story all day.


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