Awesome Husband and I decided on a very last minute vacation in Japan; we will depart next Wednesday.

And it will be for just the two of us. 

It was a difficult decision to make. How could we leave Titus behind for eight days? He would be so bored without us, his favourite playmates who know exactly what tickles him.

But considering the cost of flying him over – damn airfares to Japan are so high now, with SIA charging S$3,400 for two adults, ANA S$2,400 – we just had to be practical. Furthermore, he was such a handful when we went to Korea for two weeks last November, tiring us completely. Even the weekend trip to Penang was exhausting and a waste of money since he failed to enjoy what we had planned.

We debated the pros and cons, and in the end decided that we should get some private time together. We will make it up to him in December with a family trip. Perhaps by then he’d be a littler wiser, more communicative and more appreciative of travels.

Anyway, I started this morning to get him prepared for our going away for so long. This will be the first time he will be away from both of us for more than a night. 

While walking him to school this morning, I said slowly and clearly to him: “Titus, mummy and daddy are taking an airplane this Wednesday. We are going to Japan. We won’t bring you along. You will stay with gong gong and por por in Bishan ok?”

He stopped humming and looked at me intently for a few seconds, and then pointed behind him to nothing. His pointing is his way of referring to someplace else.

“Yes, mummy and daddy are taking the airplane.”

He nodded and said: “Plane.”

“Yes, the plane. But you won’t go with us on the plane. You have to stay with gong gong and por por.”

He gave it a thought and nodded, saying “gong gong” and “por por” very seriously. 

Hah! It was as if he understood! But maybe this boy did!

So I continued to assure him that we will be back very soon, and that he will get to fly with us come December.

He looked into my eyes, thinking deeply again, before replying: “Plane.” And he pointed into the sky.

I think my dear boy understood me.

I shall do this again tomorrow.


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