Trip to the dairy farm

A few months ago, work got me acquainted with Singapore’s agriculture industry. Who would have thought that this tiny, land-scarce city-state would have its own thriving farming community?

Whatever we produce won’t be enough to feed all of Singapore’s citizens – in fact some 80-90% of our food are imported, according to a recent news report – but I am so proud that we managed to make full use of what little Mother Nature has given us.

This morning, I had a chance to visit a local dairy farm, one that specialises in goat’s milk. It was all thanks to Titus who was on a school excursion. 

We got to see goats being milked, learn about the qualities of goat’s milk (they resemble human milk far more than cow’s milk, for example), and then feed the goats.

Titus relished the last activity, serving up fistful of vegetables to hungry, eager goats.

He was so delighted, he performed his usual happy dance at the end of every feed. 

He even caressed the baby goats, while his cautious classmates looked on.

But all the joy was terminated suddenly when an enthusiastic baby goats chomped down on his little index finger. I suspected that it was because Titus failed to let go of the vegetables fast enough. 

Poor thing was too shocked to react at first, only showing me his finger and not saying anything. But I guessed it, and soon a pearl of bright red blood appeared on the tip of his finger and then came the frightened wail.


Knowing my son though, little injuries mean nothing to him. But because he enjoyed the attention that came with the bite, his sadness grew in tandem with the amount of pity he obtained from his adoring teachers.

But that tired him out, and soon he was really crying because he craved his afternoon nap.

Oh well. Perfect opportunity for me to cradle him and kiss him endlessly to sooth him. ❤


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