There are plenty to worry about when the economy isn’t good. 

Awesome Husband got retrenched from his job in February, as soon as he returned to work after the Chinese New Year public holidays. Anytime is a terrible time to lose a job, but for that to happen during the 15-day Spring celebration made it worse.

He still hasn’t been able to find a job. Many corporations in Singapore have frozen headcount; some have let go staff. He tried declaring a lower past salary but recruiters just aren’t replying. 

I imagine he must feel terrible and weak, and he must be filled with so much self-doubt. He hides it all very well, but some nights it shows on his wrinkled brows. And because of that, I’ve got to be doubly positive in order to support him mentally. 

It helps that Titus has become a lot more expressive ever since Awesome Husband stayed home. Having a parent’s full attention truly helps in a young child’s development. So I always tell Awesome Husband that his presence is a gift that few modern fathers are able to present to their growing children. 

Furthermore there are things we can be thankful for. At least I’m still employed and we never have to go to bed with an empty stomach. At least everyone at home is hale and hearty. At least we have a sturdy roof over our heads and have paid for it in full.

You could bemoan your predicament and things could still be shitty. Or you could see the positive side and be definitely happier. šŸ˜Š 


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