Wise words

It is Mother’s Day today and the best time to share a few words of wisdom from my out-of-this-world mum:

1.  Always wear pretty underwear and make sure they match because you never know when you might get into an accident and you really don’t want the medics to cut open your beautiful clothes to reveal old, holey things underneath. (This one, most important!)

2.  Never marry a handsome man. He will cheat on you. (But mummy, those regulars in Geylang look macam kena langar lorry!)

3.  Marry someone who loves you more than you love him. (Thanks mum, I did.)

4.  Don’t tell your husband everything. (I can’t agree on this one though, mummy!)

5.  Don’t stop even when you are exhausted. Take slow steps instead, and you will still be making progress. (These words sustain me in the toughest moments.)

6.  You don’t have to be the best of them all. You only need to do your own best. (These too.)

7.  It is better to have money in your pocket than to have a pretty, pricey bag with no money inside. (Huh? I can’t hear you.)

8.  Always be kind and helpful. (She’s likes to support friends who are in small-time retail business, buying up a bunch of things she has no need for. She’s awesome this way.)


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