Joint projects

Titus’ playschool has a great way to ensure parents play an active role in their children’s education, and it is through joint art and craft projects.

Every month a different project is issued but the procedures are the same: parents will guide their child in it and take photos to document the process. The photos are then submitted to the class teacher, and they will be used in activity posters in class, along with the child’s end product. 

I loved these projects. 

As a working mum and whose office is a 90-minute train ride away, I get very little time with Titus every weekday evening. But that half to one hour each day before bedtime is spent doing meaningful things with him.

Working together on such projects is one of them.

For the month of April, we were given a booklet to note our thoughts on Titus’ learning experience in school.

He got three pages to fill with art that reflects his learning journey while his parents got the back pages to pen our views.

For his part, I cut out his favourite home electronic brands and products from a mall brochure, which he then pasted anywhere he wanted on one page. For another page, he used his favourite stickers to ‘colour in’ a robot outline I drew.

Awesome Husband cut out a tree truck and leaves from newspapers, and these Titus will use tomorrow to form a tree on the final page.

So fun!


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