Yaketty yak

Titus is not yet a chatterbox but he is making good progress!
For his bedtime book routine tonight, I switched things around and made him say the names of things in the illustrations of The Three Billy Goats Gruff instead of reading the story to him.

I pointed at the fork in the hand of the troll, and at the trolls grubby toes. And both times Titus cried out: “Fork!” “Shoo!”

He was spot on with the fork but surprised me with the “shoo”, for he had chosen to see the sandals under the feet of the troll.

I clapped the book shut and waved it at Titus. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Book!” he replied.

I cheered and pointed to various parts of my head. Titus rattled off:

“Hae!” (For head)



“Noh!” (For nose)

Hungry for more surprises, I held up my pink portable charger and asked him: “What colour?”

“Pee!” he shouted, clearly influenced by my excitement and proceeded to clap and cheer like I did. ❤

Titus has actually been making good progress in his linguistic department since our Penang days. He’s learnt to say “plane” as well as its Mandarin version, “fei ji”.

He’s learnt to say “cat” when he saw one up on a thatched roof at the hotel.

He learnt to say said “cut” whenever I brought out his nail clippers.

I’m so proud of him! ❤



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