Came home from a week away in Shanghai for work to a heartwarming surprise – Titus has learnt to say mummy!

Well, not exactly “mummy”. Rather, it is “bibi”.

But “bibi” was always aimed at me.

It all started with my dad showing off how Titus now knew how to greet him with a very clear “gong gong”.

I was so impressed and after hugging and kissing my dear son a million times, I cupped his face tenderly and begged, “Call me mummy please. Say mummy.”
He grinned and replied, “Bibi!”

I tried a few times and he said the same.

So I’m now bibi. 

And when we urged him to call out to daddy, he offered a clear, “Daddy!”

Awesome Husband beamed so brightly at that. ❤

Can’t wait for even more surprises from Titus. 


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