Reminiscing my first pregnancy 

I started a blog as soon as I discovered I was pregnant with Titus, and I updated that every few days until November 27, a few days before he came along suddenly.

Motherhood eventually took over and I just didn’t have time to update it anymore. And since it was written in the format of letters to Titus while he was in my belly, I figured it was just as well that it ended with his arrival into our world.

Anyway, going through my posts brought back many delightful memories. I really did have such an enjoyable pregnancy, even with my severe nausea and food aversion. 

Awesome Husband and I often say that Titus is such a joyful child because I was cheerful throughout my pregnancy. I think it is true that the mother’s state of mind and mood shape the child’s  character.

I hope I’ll be blessed a second time and have the opportunity to create another happy bean. ❤


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