Play day

Titus’ second school excursion was marred by a heavy downpour and since it was to the park for a picnic, it meant a quick change in plans that saw us retreating under a pavilion in another park. 

The teachers worked hard to keep spirits up and got all children and their accompanying caregivers to participate in an number of easy games.

Quite fun!

Our little family of three found other ways to keep ourselves entertained too. We played in the rain!

Oh, glorious rain! How cool and refreshing you feel!

Titus had great fun splashing and jumping in puddles with his daddy, while I cradled him and let him ‘fly’ through the rain.

Asians believe that being in the rain causes fever and sickness. So I bet we were quietly judged by many mommies. LOL! 

But it is just rain! As long as we kept his hands and feet dry and warm quickly after a run under the rain, Titus would be just fine.

It warms our heart to see Titus laughing out loud. He loves the rain as much as we do.

The outing also gave us a chance to chat with the teachers and school helpers. We found out that Titus has gotten a lot more independent these days, packing his bag on his own at the end of the day, and putting away his books and toys after use.

We discovered that a long time ago at home actually. He picks up crumbs and rubbish he comes across and puts them into the bin. He tucks his socks into his shoes and places them on the tiny shoe rack we’ve made for him. He has even kept his daddy’s shoes in the shoe cabinet!
And almost always when he’s ready for bed, he will line all his little cars on the TV console before going into his room.

Sweet kid!

Teachers also told me that he’s getting more confident about saying words. That we know too! And just this morning, he said “bye bye ba!” to a bus driving off from the bus stop. That’s a sentence, woo hoo!

Another fun thing we learnt – Titus loves to run around his class naked after his shower. The teachers had to chase him back to dress him up. That sounds just like him!

Titus is truly a joy to be with, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be his parents. 


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