Taking a break from parenting

A number of reasons came together to inspire a great desire for Awesome Husband and I to get away from parenthood for just one day and focus on resting and being lovers again.

It was my sheer exhaustion after a week-long business trip in Melbourne and Sydney, which led me right back to caring and playing with my energetic toddler. I was sleepy and achy every morning and was impatient at work. All I wanted was to sleep in for just one day and let my body wake itself up.

Then it was also the realisation that Awesome Husband and I haven’t had some quiet time to ourselves for a while now. 

But truth be told, the ultimate push for my desire to take a one-day break from parenting was the news that a colleague of my age had gotten pregnant with her second child. We both wanted to expand our little family and she beat me to it. 

While I was happy for her (pregnancy is great news after all!), I couldn’t help but feel sore that I’ve not had much luck there. I blame the heavier amount of work I have on my plate in comparison and the work trips I’ve got to make, which makes it harder for Awesome Husband and I to catch the magic fertile periods. 

Awesome Husband and I hope that by taking a carefree day away from parenting (and work!), we could rest and relax and coax our urban bodies to be a little more productive.

So the plan’s been set in motion. We will end work on Thursday, have a full play day with Titus on Friday (to make up for us abandoning him the next day!) and then hole ourselves up in a fancy hotel on Saturday.


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