We’ve been waiting for this moment – the moment Titus confidently rattles off the letters of the alphabet or numbers along to the educational music videos we’ve been feeding him as entertainment in between his books and toys.

On Wednesday, while I was still away in Melbourne for work, Awesome Husband informed me that Titus sang aloud some letters to an ABC music video.

I had a taste of that magical moment when I returned on Saturday and again on Sunday. Titus sang confidently his ABCs and 123s. Not finely articulated but wow, what an accomplishment!
He’s still self conscious though, and would stop and dash himself into the sofa to hide his face once he noticed one of us filming him or cheering him on. So we’ve learnt to let him rattle off and have fun, and then celebrate his feat after the song was over.

Early this morning as I was getting ready for work, I even heard him attempting to say the words girl and lamb, along to a music video. They sounded more like “earl” and “am”, but I beamed from ear to ear.

I’m terribly proud of him!

Perhaps soon we can hear our first “mummy” and “daddy”? 

*fingers crossed*


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