My tender hearted boy

I’m in excruciating pain this evening, a result of biting on a single tiny peppercorn with a cracked molar that I didn’t know of.

The crack had widened considerably and the pain was shocking and lasting, reaching beyond the affected tooth to affect my bottom jaw and even the temple of my left head. Damn these connected nerves!

It requires a root canal treatment, the dentist said to my dismay. So no instant relief for me then. And what a pricey treatment too!

I returned home in pain, barely able to smile at my sweet little son.

And you know what? I think he has enough EQ and sensitivity to recognised that mummy wasn’t in her usual mood.

He studied my face with curious eyes and with a slight smile when I picked him up. It was as if he was waiting for me to smile my usual smiles, and was wondering what’s wrong with me.

“Mummy’s in pain,” I said to him and touched my left cheek.

He responded by stroking my affected cheek carefully.

That made me smile wide, and he reacted by smiling back and clutching my face to bring our foreheads together.

I think that was one sweet way to show affection and I was so consoled from my pain.


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