Boy Ryler

​Months ago Titus was involved in a few biting incidents, specifically biting a boy named Ryler. 

After a few incidents that allowed the teachers to monitor and investigate, they found that Titus bit Ryler because he was always snatching Titus’ toys. 

The teachers spoke to both sides of parents and paid special attention to the two boys to prevent conflicts. No more biting occurred after.

But I’ve always wanted to know who Ryler is.

Today I had a surprise chance. A family entered the elevator (in our residential block) we were in and a little boy pointed at Titus and said his name.

Awesome Husband asked the mum if her son went to School XYZ. She said yes. 

When we asked for his name, she growled (really growled!): “He is Ryler.” She then turned her back to us. 😑

What an angry mum.

But seeing how much larger Ryler is, I’m pleased that my boy has the balls to fight back when bullied and not just stay quiet or go crying to his teachers. 💪


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