Not something a mum should go through 

You’d think that in this day and age, in year 2017, people would be more educated and aware of the practice of breastfeeding and would be more respectful and sensitive to the needs of breastfeeding mothers.

Well, nope. Because humans can be so rude and ignorant.

I came across this in the news yesterday, of a 33-year-old mother who was humiliated by Frankfurt airport customs officers when they found her to be travelling with a breast pump but without her baby.

In case the link fails, here is this to rile you:

A Singaporean mother of two was asked to squeeze her breast at an airport in Germany recently, to prove to a security official that she was lactating.

I am appalled that it was a female officer who questioned the mother’s claim. Oh, come on! 

As someone who breast-fed for a full year and who had to travel frequently for work with breast pump, milks bags and ice packs, I worried constantly at customs and immigration that ignorant officers would prod and contaminate my things. I was so stressed out then, so afraid that I would be detained or forced to throw out my carefully collected supplies.

So, this mother’s ordeal feels so real to me.

She intends to take legal action against the airport officer and I pray she is successful! 


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