Making friends

My biggest motivation to agreeing to put Titus in school, even though both my MIL and father are available all day to care for him, is for him to learn to socialise with people his age. 

The second motivation was to get him away from the telly.

At the beginning, Titus was reluctant to leave our side to be with unfamiliar faces.

Even with peers of his age or other children, he was reserved and cautious. He often reacted angrily towards other children who stepped into his space suddenly. We didn’t know why he was like that, especially since he has always been a gentle and affectionate child with us at home. He was also gentle and affectionate towards his kid cousins.

Anyway, things have improved over time. He started school in August 2016, and two weeks ago we noticed that he was willing to share a mechanical carousal (there were three sleighs in this ride) in a mall with another little girl.

This afternoon, in another mall, he happily took turns playing driver and passenger in a mechanical musical bus with a slightly older girl. He didn’t try to push her away or bite her. He was just a completely sweet kid who listened to me when I told him it was OK, she could share his space.

I am so proud of Titus. 


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