Gong Xi Fa Cai!

This is Titus’ third Chinese New Year with us, and it gets better every year because he’s older and a lot more responsive.

He was still a little grouchy on 初一, largely due to a lack of sleep. Poor boy coughed himself up at 6.15am and refused to go back to bed. He was exhausted and irritable by 10am, just as we started with our first house call at my in-laws’.

But after a lengthy nap in the car on the way to Aunt Linda’s – our third and final call for the day – he was back to his energetic self. He danced wildly to her singing, making her incredibly tickled and happy. That was just supremely heartwarming. 
初二 was better. He had so much fun running around Cousin Kay’s house, and so did we with the massive feast and rare catch-ups with my maternal family.

Titus exhausted himself by 8.30pm and urged us to leave by pointing repeatedly at his shoes and the door. LOL! He fell fast asleep in the car and remained so even as we changed his diaper and clothes back home. Super! As such, Awesome Husband and I got to chill out over a movie before heading to bed ourselves. 
And today, we spent the morning at home playing with his toys. He hadn’t had a chance to do that with three busy days of family reunions outside. His joy was apparent.

We played Playdoh and I made him an ice-cream cone. He reciprocated with a greedy face. LOL.

Then we joined in Cousin Jan’s house party very briefly.

Awesome Husband and I are starting to prefer a slowly pace during Chinese New Year, one that allows us to enjoy the holidays to ourselves in the quiet of our own home. Work takes us away from each other too much, that any time we get to spend together is just precious. 

I hope we will have far more free time together in the Year of the Rooster. ❤


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