Something new to say

Titus’ verbal skills made progress the last two days, with a crystal clear “bye bye” joining his vocabulary collection. 

However, his bye-byes so far are reserved for non-living things.

He’d say “bye bye” to the drawer of a CD player as it slides in, to a door he closes, and to cars and buses moving off.

This afternoon we took a trip to the airport to see airplanes. Ever since chancing upon a very fun ANA TV ad that featured aircraft with lively Star Wars livery, airplanes have become Titus’ new favourite thing.

Titus was mesmerised in the viewing gallery, waving and bidding goodbye to every airplane that took off in front of him.

It was hilarious to watch, but also so satisfying because he’s finally saying something new!
Although his pediatrician intended to send Titus to the children’s hospital to be reviewed by a speech therapist, she eventually decided that he was just being a boy (boys tend to pick up verbal skills later, she said) and a very stubborn one at that. She told us to take comfort in knowing that since he does sprout different words (like “what’s it”, “car”, “nice”) on rare occasions, he can talk but is just choosing not to.

Just the other day, Awesome Husband and I swear we heard him say “Pokka” when he saw a TV ad on the popular beverage brand.

We just have to be patient. 


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