2016 – What a year!

The Grim Reaper’s bounty this year has been the talk of the town. Not only has it been a sad year for the entertainment industry, the number of prominent losses is a stark reminder of how mortal we are and that I’m not that young since I used to enjoy the works of those celebrated artists.

At 36 years old this year, I’m about half-way through life! Sigh.

That’s a depressing start to my personal 2016 review.

Switching gears now, I’d like to give thanks to the opportunity I’ve got to travel alone and with my loved ones to see new places and do new things.

The year started off with me heading to Bintan island for research work, and I got to stay at The Sanchaya, an elegant new resort that has right away won the favour of the rich and famous.

As Spring set in, my little family and I got to play in the snowy slopes of Echigo Yuzawa, explore the ancient post town of Tsumago-juku, and get to know Tokyo and Nagoya a little better.

In April I returned to Shanghai for work and finally found time to have a fine meal at Mr & Mrs Smith along the Bund. LOVED IT! But I also had a foie gras overload.

In June, I said hello to Adelaide for the first time, interviewed some very dynamic individuals involved in building the city’s biomedical industry, and had a fine time wining and dining.

Later that month, my family and I made a quick shopping trip to Kuala Lumpur to leverage our stronger buying power as a result of the Ringgit slump. We stayed at the beautiful The Majestic Hotel and bought so many awesome picture books from MPH.

Then came November. The three of us spent Autumn in South Korea, taking in the sights in Busan, Gyeongju and Seoul over two weeks. We took over a thousand photos!

And I rounded off my 2016 year of travels with a fulfilling work trip to Penang, where I moderated three panel discussions for a trade conference. I even found time to check out a cat cafe and had my fill of Teochew porridge from a stall said to be shoemaker extraordinaire Jimmy Choo’s favourite. 

My only complaint of 2016 is the number of times I fell sick. But I guess that’s to be expected once Titus goes to school and brings home an assortment of viruses from his dear friends.

However, I survived all that so I must be grateful and thankful that I’ve been blessed with life.

Being alive allowed me to enjoy every moment with Awesome Husband and Titus and to make delightful memories with them.

Being the insatiable human that I am, however, I do wish that 2017 will be even better for me and my loved ones.

And may peace and harmony prevail in our world. 


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