It’s Christmas… and look who’s next!

Hurrah – Titus recovered just in time for the Christmas festivities and we made it to my family dinner party, hosted by my brother and his very capable wife.

I don’t know how she did it alone, whipping up a juicy roast turkey and four other well executed dishes for our dinner.

What an enjoyable evening, filled with plenty of adorable antics from Titus. My favorite was him thinking the Christmas cake was his birthday cake and waited for us to sing to him. He then blew out imaginary candles!

Unfortunately, just as Titus saw the end of his HFMD symptoms, the Awesome Husband said hello to them.

Yep. He’s got HFMD from his generous son.

We figured correctly Awesome Husband was next in line after Titus sneezed into his face, splattered saliva also into his face while imitating me giving him butterfly kisses on his belly, and biting right through his shoulders during a particularly violent episode of tantrums. 

Not catching the virus would be a miracle!

So I spent Boxing Day going through a hurried marathon of laundering all fabrics in the house and sterilising everything else. I don’t want to be next!

Awesome Husband has it just as bad. Blisters have erupted all over his palms and soles, rendering movement too painful to bear. He also has a bad case of tonsillitis.

Through him, we learnt how tortured poor Titus had felt. 

What a way to end 2016, which has also been a tough year full of health issues for me.

I hope 2017 will be way better! 


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