Guess what I  chanced upon while strolling around UNESCO Heritage Site George Town?

A kitty cafe!

In case you don’t know what a cat cafe is, it is a place for cat lovers to hang out and play with kitties belonging to the establishment’s owner. 

It is the most splendid thing ever.

I zoned out at Purrfect Cat Cafe (53 Jalan Muntri) for an hour, getting lost in the meows and purrs of almost a dozen cats, most of which were rescued and nursed back to health.

The kitties seem lazy still that morning and wasn’t keen on playing. But that’s fine. We humans have to abide by their will ya. 

It costs just RM13 per entry per visitor and there isn’t a time limit. Purrfect Cat Cafe serves drinks and light meals too, so you really have no reason to leave at all.

Oh wait. I take that back. Toilets aren’t available so you will have to leave once your bladder is close to bursting. Perhaps skip those beverages if you plan on hanging out all day with the cuties.


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