The second birthday

Titus’ birthday will always be special for many reasons, the first and foremost of which will be his joyful existence in our lives.

His birthday is also especially sweet because it is just a few days ahead of my mum’s. In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, my doctor had advised an EDD on my mum’s birthday and that delighted her.

Then of course, it is the December effect. The festive spirit lifts everything to ecstatic levels and it feels like everyone is celebrating with us.

Titus’ birthday celebrations concluded today, on his actual day, with a dinner with my family. It was a double celebration with mum.

Titus smiled no end this evening and was especially close with my mum, wanting cuddles and kisses. He sure knows how to make grandma happy!

Dinner was splendid, as it was expected of its Michelin-star menu. The restaurant – Crystal Jade Prestige – didn’t win the Michelin endorsement but its sister outlet did, so it took some of the signature dishes and drew up a course that allowed dinners to sample a mix of its own best creations and the award-winning flavours. 

Later, we adjourned to Level33, a bar renowned for its cityscape views from high up. I wasn’t impressed with its food when I patronised it years ago, but for beers it is alright. 

And so the birthday celebrations are over. Now, how to clear so much leftover cake? šŸ˜…


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