Prelude to the second birthday – part 2

Perhaps in a subconscious move to make up for the lack of a big birthday bash for Titus’ second year, Awesome Husband and I have planned three birthday surprises for our boy.

We kicked off the celebrations on Friday at his school, where he shared his pretty rainbow cake with his little friends.

Yesterday, we took him to the Hi5 Fairy Tale musical at Marina Bay Sands.

We got the tickets at the start of the year, when he was a huge fan. His interest in Hi5 dwindled over he months as he got acquainted with Pororo and (the weird) Teletubbies.

As such, his excitement during the musical was shortlived although – thank goodness – he sat patiently through three 2-hr production. Phew!

Later, we went for his second birthday party – this time with his paternal cousins.

His second birthday was just awesome. He gets his Pororo themed cake, he gets to eat it and he gets to bring home new Pororo toys!

Today’s his actual birthday, and find myself looking constantly at the clock and trying to recall the birth process two years ago.

At 10.30am today two years ago, I had just started to respond to my urge to push despite the protests of the nurses because I was only 7cm dilated and my doctor had not arrived. Half an hour later, slippery Titus flew out. and our lives changed for ever. ❤


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