Prelude to the second birthday

Birthdays gained a new meaning and a renewed excitement when I became a mom.

Birthdays are a reminder that I succeeded in delivering a child and in bringing him up as a parent.

Birthdays become as much of a celebration of my child’s life as it is of parenthood. 

With Titus’ second birthday coming around in two days’ time, we begun celebrations today at his school with his friends.

It didn’t cross our minds to do this until this morning, so we didn’t prepare little goody bags for his friends and party hats for all.

Still, Awesome Husband managed to scramble a beautiful rainbow cake and a selection of raisins, chocolate biscuits and Japanese rice crackers for the little ones.

Titus was bewildered to see us and my dad at his school in the afternoon. he cried for a while, but sensed the excitement and started to get excited.

He might be expressionless in the group shot above, but it was just an unfortunate shot that failed to capture the ear-to-ear grin he had on while his friends and teachers sang him thr birthday song in three languages. He knew he was the star of the afternoon!

I teared as I hugged him close to me throughout the celebration. How fast time flies! How is he two so soon? Where did all the time go?

I want him to still be my little baby, to cradle him and kiss his face endless without him struggling to escape and go play. That’s how he is these days.

Well, the celebration continues tomorrow and into Saturday! 


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