Not now, please!

We are f​lying off for our year-end family vacation in about 12 hours. We are all packed and I’ve got our itinerary and documents all sorted out and nicely printed.

But all my careful plans failed to consider Titus getting sicker just days before departure. I don’t know if it’s a new virus, but the poor chap has been running fevers as high as 39.8°C the past two nights. And he just threw up all over himself after a violent coughing fit while asleep.

He was still cheeky and active this evening despite the fever, so I hope he will be a lot better tomorrow morning.

Mum-in-law suggested we leave him behind. What a heartbreaking thought! We can’t bear to leave him behind for 12 days. 😣 We planned such a long trip so that we could all be together 24-7 and discover new things together. 

I cannot imagine not doing all that with Titus and Awesome Husband . 


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