Five and oh

I realise I must pay 101% attention to everything Titus says these days. He appears to be making a greater effort to say words although the words that come out of his mouth are not always clear.

Yesterday when a trailer for a TV show came on along with the logo of Channel 5, I thought I heard him say “fi”.

I urged him to repeat but he ignored me.

This evening as a preview of what’s to come on the evening news on Channel 5 played on TV, Titus looked up and pointed to the logo on the screen and shouted very clearly, “Fi!” 

Awesome Husband and I cheered and asked, “Did you say five? Where is five?”

And at that, he toddled over to his Little Tikes playhouse and jabbed at the  house number: 7425.

His little index finger was on the digit 5. ❤

Later on when we started his bedtime routine of brushing his teeth, moisturising his legs and reading him a book, he pointed to the creamy stains made on his shin with the Nivea bottle cap and said, ” Oh!”

I stopped and looked over. Indeed! The stains were like rings, resembling tthe letter O.

He beamed proudly at me but refused to repeat his feat.

Never mind. Now that he’s said it, more will come in the next few days.


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