Panda, diamonds and more

​At 21 months Titus still refuses to say more than just “star”, “car” and “nice”. But the speed at which his mind absorbs new words comforts me. 

He saw a Foodpanda paper bag in the hall when he woke up this morning. He pointed to the logo and I said aloud its name. An hour later, he came across a picture of a panda in a book and pointed at it excitedly.

“Yes, panda!” I exclaimed.

He froze for a moment, as if something came to mind, then removed his pacifier and jabbed his finger back and forth between the panda picture and his pacifier.

Awesome Husband and I couldn’t quite make out what Titus was trying to tell us at first, but seconds later Awesome Husband figured it out. He dashed to the kitchen and returned with another pacifier.

One with the face of a panda on it.

Titus took it in his hands and beamed.
Two days ago, Awesome Husband drew some playing-card diamonds ♢ on Titus’ sketch pad and said the word aloud. Just once, and the boy has the word etched in his head.

It has been the same with brand logos. He is now able to point out logos of TV and radio channels as well as of consumer products like LG, Canon and Samsung around the house when we call them out.

So although he’s not saying much, I have to be thankful that his vocabulary is expanding. Perhaps one day when he’s finally ready to chatter proper words, he’d have loads to say to us. 


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