Titus has fallen sick again, the second time since he started playschool on August 1.

I thought he’d hold up better this time round, as he had a runny nose but no fever. Unfortunately, few days later today, the fever came along with a cough so bad that he gags.

So thanks, all those inconsiderate parents who selfishly brought their kids to school anyway.

On a happier note, Titus did something rather interesting this evening which gave us further insight into how smart a young tot could be.

After Titus was done with his dinner, we left him to draw (read: scratch long, forceful lines with his pencils) on his brand new easel while we ate ours.

Suddenly we noticed him pulling a piece of tissue paper from the tissue box.
“Is your mouth still dirty?” Awesome Husband asked.

The tot remained silent and approached the TV console and began to rub a particular corner with it. 

Awesome Husband crept up behind Titus and saw that the little one had drawn a dark line across the console, and now he was trying to remove it with the piece of tissue paper.

“Oh ho! What have you done?” Awesome Husband boomed in feigned anger.

Titus maintained his silence, but his eyes darted back and forth between us. I think he was trying to figure out how deep of a trouble he’s landed into.

After reminding him not to draw on furniture again, Awesome Husband bid him to follow and they both went into the nursery. Titus then emerged with a piece of wet tissue and proceeded to remove that offensive pencil marking.

This time it came off.

It is obvious that Titus knows when he has done wrong and tries to fix it. I think that’s amazing.

Gee, I wonder if I was that responsible at his age.


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