Hitting milestones

I have many reasons to be proud and excited since last Sunday but a slew of work and careful vacation planning (we are heading to South Korea for two weeks this November yay!) has kept me from blogging about it like any other proud and excited mum with a blog would do.

Well, firstly, Titus addressed his daddy properly for the first time on Sunday. Finally! I was getting quite worried about his refusal to do so.

It happened while Awesome Husband was cooking and Titus and I were standing outside the kitchen, behind the glass door. Titus tapped on the door to get his daddy’s attention, and failing which he shouted, “Di di di!”

Come Monday, Di Di became a proper Da Di when we got home from work and stepped through the door. And from then on for the rest of the week, Titus uttered several Da Dis to make Awesome Husband’s heart swell with love and pride. 

Then this morning, he tossed himself next to me on the play mat and said cheerily, “Mama” before stuffing my face eagerly with rice puffs. 

I’m totally hoping he did say “Mama” instead of a careless version of “mum mum”, which he uses when he wants to eat. 

Secondly, we got further proof that he has become more aware of each of us as individuals. In the past when we asked him where is mummy’s nose or daddy’s head, he’d point to his own. But two nights ago, he pointed out ours! 

Thirdly, he’s now able to point out his grandparents – all four of them – From family photos. 

And the fourth reason to cheer about is Titus’ ability to recognise some letters of the alphabet! According to Titus’ main caregiver on weekdays, my own awesome father, the jolly tot yesterday held up a wooden block with the letter O and shouted, “Oh!”. He did the same with an A block.

So many milestones in a week!

I know every child develops at a different pace but I can’t help fretting whenever I hear of other much younger toddlers hitting speech milestones way ahead of Titus. 

His younger cousin Hugo, for instance, was already calling out to his parents at 15 months!

My girlfriend’s son was able to point and say “there” and “here” and ask for “more” at 18 months!

My father reminded me that my brothers and I took a while to speak real words and when we did, it happened out of the blue and right away we talked like there was no tomorrow. LOL.

I’m looking forward to hearing Titus’ enthusiastic chatter.


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