A working mother’s dilemma 

Should I rush home from work and make dinner so everyone can have home-cooked goodness but end up not having enough time to play with my toddler, or settle for unhealthy takeaways just to have that extra am hour of play and cuddles before he goes to bed? 😔

I chose the first option tonight. 

Although I made a quick dinner – comprising steamed fish and a herbal soup that I had put in the slow cooker since morning – I had barely done eating when Titus came and rubbed his little head against my side. 

Poor chap.

I quickly showered and came out to see that he’d already climbed into his bed and had his favourite bolsters all in his arms.

We settled into bed together but I didn’t get to have our nightly chat. He was too tired for that. He fell asleep within minutes, leaving me wracked with guilt about not giving him time and attention today.

I have hardly any quality time with him every morning. It is a rush from the time I wake up and get ready for work to that few precious minutes of walking him to school.

It is an equal rush in the evening when I get home from work. Living so far from office meant it was always almost 8pm by the time I get home. Titus goes to bed between 8.30pm and 9pm.

I miss him so dearly and can’t help feeling resentful about having to work, especially on evenings like this when he goes to bed early.

But what to do? In Singapore you cannot afford a decent life on a single income and I want to be able to give him everything he wants and needs.


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