First excursion

Titus went on his first school excursion today and it was to Sentosa’s Port of Lost Wonder water play park.

Being the devoted parents that we are, we both took leave from work to accompany him. It was also our excuse to go have some fun on a weekday.

There was a funny incident on the bus to Sentosa. A little girl two rows in front of us kept telling her mother that she wanted to sit with Titus. Her mother didn’t budge so the girl gave up after a while. So, my boy has a fan! A not very persistent one though. 

Water playgrounds aren’t new to Titus. We have been to the massive one at the Singapore Zoo several times, only because we live so near it and we are members so we don’t have to pay for entry.

I was so excited about the Port of Lost Wonder. It was heavily marketed when it opened years ago and I had this vision of it being a large wonderland.

Alas, it is small and its play structure – a pirate ship – is more suited for older kids. There aren’t many water fountains around for younger toddlers to play with.
Titus waddled around the shallow waters, went down the water slide thrice with his daddy, and started to yawn 30 minutes later.

So wwecut short the excursion and left for home where he could get a proper nap.

There’s more fun this evening, as we are celebrating Awesome Husband’s birthday at The Ritz-Carlton!


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