Hello Monday!

You need a lot more to get me down today cos I’ve been supremely powered by an awesome weekend with Titus and Awesome Husband. Hah!

The weekend was really all about play. We played the morning away on both Saturday and Sunday at the wonderful park downstairs, and then discovered a wonderful indoor playground on Sunday afternoon. 

Now that I’ve got a little pea growing inside me, I’ve got to be careful in my movements. Climbing, sliding, twisting and turning through the multideck play towers at Go-go Bambini with Titus is no longer wise.

Thankfully, we found that The Petite Park is the perfect fit. Built with little tots in mind, the play structures are simpler, and the highest rises only two levels – a windy enclosure with colourful balloons flying about.

That, in fact, is our favourite play area!
There’s flying balloons for Titus to catch, and cool wind to cool us adults down. LOL!

A ball pit, a set of three slides that go into another ball pit, a swinging merry-go-round, a little horsie merry-go-round for littlest tots, a bouncing castle,  various play kitchens and a table filled with building blocks complete The Petite Park’s facilities.

There’s also a lot of open space for kids to just toddle around.

Another thing I like about The Petite Place is that because its play structures are simpler, it tend not to attract the older kids who often play rougher and are therefore more dangerous around the smaller, wobbly little babies. 

That said, the playground does not seem to have an upper age limit, so we did have to contend with a rowdy boy of around 5 years old. It was unfortunate that his guardian wasn’t around to watch him. He pushed and shoved little kids around, and stopped them from playing with toys he had staked his claims on.


I had to always whisk Titus out of his way after one bad encounter. 

That one complaint aside, we will return to The Petite Park soon. Perhaps next weekend!


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