Little boy, big stomach

Every doctor overseeing Titus’ growth checkup would comment on his weight – how he’s so close to being underweight – and would tell us to feed him more formula if he was refusing solids.

The thing is, Titus isn’t refusing solids.

He eats like a bear. And a hungry one at that too.

He eats a Chinese rice bowl-sized serving of multigrain cereal with milk for breakfast plus a banana or half an apple or pear; a Chinese rice bowl-sized serving of rice porridge with meat and vegetables; honey yoghurt or an Organix fruit or cereal bar for snacks at 3pm; and rice porridge again for dinner.

He weaned himself off milk three weeks ago, and wouldn’t even drink Milo. Who doesn’t like Milo?! I’m baffled.

And often in between, he will ask for biscuits, fruits or anything he see us eating. And so we’ve had to hide someplace in order to snack on those unhealthy chips we so love!

Titus just has a high metabolism and is incredibly active.

It was rather frustrating dealing with doctors’ accusations at first, but we then realised the doctors were just dishing out textbook advice. 

Every child is different and as long as we know we’ve been feeding him healthy things at regular meal times and he’s eating well, we have nothing to fear.

This week Titus has been having his lunch in school. The teachers were not warned about his appetite and so he’s not been eating his fill. 

My dad, his main caregiver while we are at work, told me the poor chap would be ravenous when he gets home at 1pm. And he will devour anything my dad gives him.

So yesterday I asked the teacher to please give him more to eat, and she happily obliged.

This afternoon, my dad reported that he polished off two servings of fish and rice plus two junior bananas for lunch quicker than the rest of his classmates going at their single serving. 

At least he’s happy with his meal because the poor kid has been wailing for hours the moment we drop him off and until my dad picks him up after lunch. 


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