First day at school

Titus has started school. Hurrah!

To get him used to it, we’ve been bringing him down to the school every morning so that he would recognise the place and his future classmates.

It worked. He recognised his friends and went straight to them after his temperature and limbs were checked (for HFMD signs).
He was so eager to get to the toys and explored every nook and cranny in his classroom.

And he even ignored us when we bid him goodbye. Perhaps he had a sense of security from grandpa’s presence. This school is very generous. We get a 2-week trial during which one main caregiver can accompany the child for as many hours as necessary each day.

However, when we opened the door and got out, Titus realised we were leaving for real and got all flustered. He ran after us, wailing anxiously.

So I bent down and gave him one last hug and directed him back to grandpa.

But I couldn’t resist taking one last peek at my little sonny boy through the window. He spotted me, as did some of his friends, and they all gathered at the window to wave at me.

Now here’s the funny part. Somehow Titus didn’t like seeing his friends wave at me, and he pushed them away from the window. One boy was much bigger and wouldn’t budge, so Titus resorted to covering his face with his hands.

It was hilarious.
Poor boy must have thought my waving at his friends would mean diminished love for him. 

He’s so wrong. I love him the most.


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