Sunny island

It is summer all year-round in island-state Singapore, so why would anyone living here desire an island get-away, right?

Well, we do. Simply because blistering hot summers are best spent in the pool and not many of us city-dwellers have the luxury of a pool in our little high-rise apartment.

So, soon after returning from Kuala Lumpur and discovering that I’ve got forced leave to take since I chose not to join in my company teambuilding to Penang, I went and booked ourselves into the gorgeous Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa. 

The sprawling property on Sentosa island is a paradise for families with children of all ages. The collection of swimming pools, which includes splash pools for infants, several wading pools for toddlers, a fun water playground as well as adult-only pool and Jacuzzi, is a real gem.

We stayed for only a night but made sure we spent as much waking moments as possible in the pools.
A night’s stay at this hotel don’t come cheap, as it is a luxury property with awesome facilities and discerning travellers know it. But when Titus’ face lit up upon entering our Panorama room on the top-most floor (priceless seaviews!) and then again when we brought him to the swimming pools, the money spent was all worth it.

Titus was too young to use the water slide but everything else in the water playground was good.

Having many other young children in the pool sure added to his joy. It was lovely of some of the older girls to come and play with him, even for just a few seconds. 
Another thing we love about the hotel is the easy access to a private stretch of sandy beach. 

And when we were not swimming, we were eating. The hotel has all its restaurants on the third floor, and they all look out to the sparkling pools and blue sea. If the weather wasn’t so hot, we’d be happy to enjoy some pre-dinner cocktails outside.
Lunch was had at Noodles 8 where one could find a fine bowl of plump wantons and an out-of-this-world bowl of sliced fish udon in a fragrant herbal soup. The udon is not your usual kind; made with a mix of fish paste, the thick noodle is nice and chewy.

And for dinner, we stuffed our faces at the Silver Shell Cafe. A buffet spread featuring local delights was on that evening and we had a blast digging into chili crabs, satay, char kway teow, different curries, etc. So much to eat, and they were all rather good! Even Titus joined in the gluttony and had briyani with sayur lodeh, alphabet soup and a variety of fruits and cakes.
Breakfast wasn’t as wonderful though. We found the spread limited and staffing a little stretched, resulting in food trays that sat empty a tad too long while the morning crowd was still streaming in and hot beverage machines out of drink mixture. So all we ate were muffins and juice.

We swam some more before bidding a tearful goodbye. Tearful, literally, because Titus screamed bloody murder when we pulled him out of the pool before he was done with it. 


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