Me time

I’ve forgotten the joy of going off on a lengthy day spa. Motherhood happened.

But today the stars were aligned to allow me some precious time to myself, and I booked myself a two-hour scrub, wrap, rub and soak at Aramsa Spa.

Aramsa Spa is a lovely facility nestled in the lush Bishan Park. I love that I can get quality treatment in a serene environment right in the heartlands. 

My treat to myself was the Tropical Java Lulur, said to be a traditional body treatment for brides-to-be.

First, I got a foot soak in bath salts while I sniffed and chose my preferred massage oil. I picked a rose-based oil.

Then, the Java journey started proper with a thorough full-body scrub, delivered in soothing sweeping strokes. 

Next, cold yoghurt was slathered thickly all over me and I got wrapped in plastic sheets. Then the massage bed I was on heated up, making me feel like a turkey being baked for a splendid brunch. After 30 minutes, I was set free to wash it all off in the rain shower.

An hour-long massage followed and the session ended with a 30-minute soak in a bath of ginger infused water and rose petals. 

I felt like Cleopetra, albeit a sleepy one cos the massage was so relaxing. 

If only I could do this more often!


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