Join the club

​As Titus crossed his 18-month mark in June, he no longer qualifies for Playnest at Julia Gabriel and has to be promoted to PlayClub. 

He begins his new term today.

Unfortunately, a new classroom and new faces meant he was fidgety, distracted and apprehensive all over again. To make things worse, he was particularly sleepy this afternoon.

He threw some tantrums and ran away from the group, but the teachers were patient – thank goodness. Teacher Ariel later told me what I needed to hear – that the 2pm slot is usually challenging for kids as they’d either be sleepy or feeling peckish and reluctant to participate.

Well, Titus will get better with a few more classes. It took him five lessons at Playnest before he warmed up to his classmates and activities. 

That said, I think we both had fun today. Titus willingly did one of two art projects on his own (well half of it), clapped long to familiar tunes and squealed with delight on a speedy ride Teacher Aries put him on.

Plus, we discovered the Mandarin versions of Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Itsy Weensy Spider. 
Mind. Blown. 

Pity I can’t recall their lyrics as soon as class ended. 

Meanwhile, Titus turns 19 months today! Yay!


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