Sojourn across the border

While Awesome Husband and I typically take a longhaul vacation in the mid-year to escape Singapore’s blistering heat, we cannot afford to do so now with Titus.

The money is one thing. The time is another, as we have to use our leave allowance wisely in case of days baby falls ill and need us to stay home with him. 

Still, nothing could hold us travel bugs home. So instead of a longhaul vacation, we took a brief one just across the border, in Kuala Lumpur. 

Awesome Husband and I have always been fans of THE Majestic Hotel Malacca, an elegant colonial hotel in a quieter part of the heritage city.

Now, she has a sister in the Malaysian capital and we’ve been wanting to try it out. This was our chance. 

We booked two nights there, with the intention of spending our days lazing about the hotel, swim in the pool and shop for children’s books at the massive MPH bookstore in Mid Valley Megamall nearby.

The Majestic Hotel KL is gorgeous, occupying the original Majestic Hotel and extending to its side with a modern tower. It was a joy to explore the property. 

We stayed in the new tower, occupying the spacious Junior Suite. 
Titus got all excited the moment we got in and wasted no time exploring every nook and cranny.

Here’s one tip for you if you intend to travel with an active tot and take things easy without an itinerary: splurge on a large room.
Titus easily tired himself out just by climbing up and down the many surfaces in the suite and twirling with the curtains. And once he slept, we could become couch potatoes while snacking on local chips and beers without fear of waking him.

Besides having a wonderful time bonding, we also got a haul of exquisitely illustrated books at a bargain, thanks to the weak Malaysian ringgit. 

Thank you, neighbour. You are always a great place to visit for cheap vacations!


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