Five minutes of affection

I try to avoid as much as possible evening events, so that I could spend some time with Titus before his bedtime.

But today’s event was important, and I wanted to go and meet the host, a new regional company that has set up shop here in Singapore.

It kept me out till 10pm and my heart sank when I reached home, thinking of how I had missed the chance to interact with my boy.

But – surprise, surprise – the little chap was particularly energetic this evening and was still awake when I stepped through the door.

He greeted me with an exclamation “Gar! Gar!” while pointing at the star tattoos on my arm, reached up for a hug, and then allowed me to smooch his little face endlessly without flinching.

He usually tries to escape my overzealous display of affection.

Awesome Husband was preparing a bottle of milk for Titus. They were preparing for bed, and lucky me got to catch them both before they retired.

Such precious few minutes.

But the weekend is just round the corner. I’ll make up for it then!


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