Upping baby’s calorie intake

At our last medical check, the doctor said Titus was at the lower end of the healthy weight spectrum.

Although he’s not a picky, small eater, he does move a lot and his food consumption may not be enough to both power him and build his body.💪

So the doctor has ordered us to up his calorie intake – but with healthy options. 🍽

The past week I’ve been adding a teaspoon of virgin olive oil to his rice porridge, thrown in half an avocado for breakfast on two separate mornings, and introduced more oily salmon to his diet too.

I have also given him a taste of peanut butter. Did you know that this popular breakfast spread is packed into sachets and distributed to impoverished communities as a quick treatment for malnutrition? Of course, that version of peanut butter comes with extra vitamins and minerals. 😊


Titus likes his peanut butter sandwich.


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