Happy boy is back!

And he’s happier than ever!

As if to make up for the week-long downtime, Titus welcomed this weekend with boundless energy, joy and affection for us (particularly me!).

On Friday morning he chased the wind around the basketball court and tried to hug it. It was such a precious sight!

When we returned from work in the evening, he tried to lick and chomp on my face and chuckled so hard when I fought him off.


And as I rested to get my breath back, he snuck up behind me and buried his face in my hair. Such a funny boy!

And today was just filled with incredible fun! We started the day early with visits to two potential playschools, a brief play around an indoor playground at Sembawang Shopping Centre, and then shared a toast at a cafe. He was so friendly with the teacher, so keen on walking around the empty mall on his own, and sat quietly on my lap in the cafe as we all ate together.



Later in the afternoon, we went to United Square to catch a free Hi5 performance. The crew is putting up a musical in December and the free show is to promote it.




Titus had such fun! He beamed when he heard the familiar songs and boogie-woogie’d along to them. He clapped and waved goodbye when each song ended.

He enjoyed himself so much that I bought us all tickets to catch the musical! It opens on the eve of his birthday, making the treat a perfect one to celebrate his second year with us.

The rest of the evening progressed splendidly too, with him playing in the bath (he was terrified of it during and immediately after his recent illness) and dancing with me as we watched Hi5 videos together in the living room.

Several times he’d pause to hold my head between his little palms and bring my lips to his. He’s never been this affectionate before and it made me wept with joy. It was as if he knew how sad I’ve been that he was more affectionate towards his daddy. šŸ˜Š

I had so much fun today. I wish I could do this every day with Titus and Awesome Husband.

There’s still Sunday tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!


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