Sickest ever

Titus has taken ill a few times since birth, but they were all brief episodes of fever that maxed out at 38°C and most of which were a reaction to his vaccination.

This time, however, he is having a really tough one.

Since Sunday’s coughing fit in the night, Titus has gone in to develop a stubborn fever that hovered all day between 38°C and 39°C. His highest was 39.6°C on Wednesday morning. I didn’t know fever could go this high.

He is dull and irritable, wanting to be carried all day. He insists on having his pacifier and hugs all his favourite bolsters even when he isn’t sleeping.


He’s become like a needy infant. Last night he fell asleep in my arms, like he used to when he was new to this world. And when I put him down in bed, he woke and whimpered in what I think sounded like fear.

He is refusing food and water most part of the day, which worries me more than his fever.

Yesterday, for instance, he had only 150ml of milk for breakfast, six pieces of horfun (Chinese broad ribbon noodles) from my dad’s lunch, a handful of Japanese milk biscuits in the later afternoon, and nothing else.

With little nourishment, the poor boy is weak and wobbly when placed on his own feet.

I’m worried sick.

I know he will get better over time but the wait is frightful.


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