Mummy’s great helper

Two things my 18-month-old can do for me now:

#1: Answer the phone but leave the headset on the table and then come get me to take the call. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the most determined messenger around and had simply tugged at my dress while I was cooking his dinner, and then returned to the living room to watch his music videos.

Fortunately, I had heard the phone ring and figured he must have silenced it, so I went out to check.

It was my dad who was laughing on the other end, as he had heard Titus grunting to me.

#2: Extract freshly laundered clothes from the washing machine and hand them to me as I put them up on the clothesline.

But if I’m too slow in the relay, he throws them on the floor and I’ll have to handwash them again.

But I’m not complaining. I love how he’s growing more aware of his surroundings and is able to do more things. Hopefully he will soon be able to help mop the floor and cook a decent meal on his own haha.

Meanwhile, Titus darling is actually unwell today. He’s been running a slight fever and coughing a lot. This afternoon he got into such a coughing fit that he threw up all his lunch.

The poor chap looked so terrified of his predicament and cried so hard that he threw up even more.

I managed to pacify him with a warm bath and bubble play outside our apartment. That cheered him up considerably.


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