This photo of Titus and us popped up on my Facebook’s memories alert this morning.


Titus was unwell then, with a post-vaccination fever. We had brought him to our bed to rest so Awesome Husband and I both could comfort him together.

I’ve cultivated such an independent sleeper that Titus never needed us to lie with him. So when we do, he thinks it is play time and has always associated our bed as a massive playground to roll about on.

As Titus grew older and wanted more time alone to do his things, we found ourselves wanting to sleep with him. Bedtime is our chance to cuddle him quietly for a long time!

But that boy would never lie still on our bed.

So we went out and purchased a second mattress to allow us to extend the daybed in his nursery. That was the only adult bed he’d lie quietly on.

But Titus got so excited to see the daybed transformed and he went up and down the furniture endlessly. Even after we turned off the lights, he remained delighted and went on to talk, chuckle and jump about until he tire himself out eventually.

It was enjoyable sleeping with him and I found myself staring at his beautiful face in the dark. He looked just like he did when he was a newborn.

I can’t wait for bedtime tonight.


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