How I spent Mother’s Day

I should have been at a day spa being treated like a queen. Or being given a sum of money to splurge on anything my heart desired for a day.

But none of these I did today on Mother’s day.

Instead, I – along with Awesome Husband – brought Titus out to the gigantic playground in my neighbourhood at 9am for a bit of activity, returned home to bathe the sweaty toddler, feed him a snack and then cook his lunch while the man put our son to bed.


Obviously exhausted from the morning workout, Titus slept until 1pm and then it was a rush to feed him his lunch before we headed to town for his first lesson at Julia Gabriel.


The 90-minute Playnest session is built for tots aged six to 18 months, and an adult needs to accompany the child. Both will play and learn together – great idea!

It started off with free play, then a round of introduction to everyone in class with a song, more singing and then storytelling.

Titus could hardly sit still. Well, he has always been a fidgety boy, preferring to run around and do things. Even when hes watching his favourite Hi5 programmes, he’d be dancing, hopping and mimicking the actors.

He wasn’t interested at all in whatever that was happening in class. He climbed the foam steps, rolled down and repeated that. He went up to the wall of mirrors and smiled at himself.

Next, was some art and craft. He had to use his hands to spread purple paint and salt grains onto an outline of a butterfly. At first he was enthusiastic. Seconds later, he realised his hands were messed up and his face turned beetroot as he cried most passionately while sticking his offensive hands far far far away from his body.

Did I say before he is just like his dad, terrified of mess? šŸ˜‚

So I had to whisk him off to clean up before he has a meltdown.


Upon our return, the class was getting ready for a little snack and I took the chance to do a parent swop. It was Awesome Husband’s turn in class!

Later, he told me that Titus was most obedient during snack time, sitting quietly and enjoying his biscuits while the other tots were up and climbing about. In fact, he was so focused on his snacks that he refused to move outdoors for the next activity. šŸ˜‚

When Awesome Husband tried to extract him from his chair, Titus clung to his bowl which, unfortunately, was stuck to the tabletop. It agitated him so Awesome Husband had to give up and let the little gourmand finish his biscuits.

At the outside play area were buckets of pink goop. Some kids dug right into them in delight. Titus eyed them suspiciously and chose to get on a seesaw instead. No amount of cajolingĀ  helped. He was just not convinced they were fun.


Awesome Husband got a handful of goop to show Titus it was OK, but no use too.

Seconds later, Titus discovered that some goop had got onto his forearm and he freaked out.

Silly boy!

I don’t know if Titus had fun but I sure hope he did cos my back is aching and I can barely move after all that chasing I had to do.

And we have eight more lessons to go!

Good luck to me.


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