It is never easy studying and working at the same time, much less when you throw parenting into the mix.

So I’m extremely proud of the Awesome Husband for having completed his Aviation Engineering diploma course with flying colours.

And despite losing time with Titus throughout the past 2.5 years due to his evening classes, he still managed to earn the little tot’s affection and nudge me out of the race to being Titus’ favourite parent!

The graduation ceremony was touching and my heart burst with pride when Awesome Husband strode across the stage to collect his scroll. Well done!

Thanks to my parents who offered to take Titus over for the night, we were able to celebrate the Awesome Husband’s academic milestone with a slow dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.


It has been so long since we could date like young lovers, taking all the time in the world to wine, dine and chat.

But at the end of it all, we missed going home to our joyful little boy. Can’t have our cake and eat it too, huh!


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