Oh, holy fat cow

The Fat Cow Donburi, a rice bowl topped with charcoal grilled wagyu beef and onsen egg with a savoury sauce, has been widely hailed as a star dish at the Fat Cow restaurant in Camden Medical Centre.

It looks gorgeous (bottom right), as you can see. The sauce was good and the runny yolk most satisfying. But I felt that the steak was not the best wagyu I’ve had. The medium-rare execution was spot-on but ungodly pieces of unchewable gristle/elastin/whatchamacallit lost the dish some points.


I’ve not given up hope on Fat Cow though. I spied wagyu cuts from different parts of Japan that can be cooked in sumibiyaki, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki styles on the a la carte menu. These I want to try when I’ve got more time. šŸ˜‹

What’s worth more attention is the negitoro don (top left), a rice bowl with minced fatty bluefin tuna. The fish was sweet and fresh and nicely creamy thanks to its fats. It was a dish I’d eat for a week should I need to get on a healthier diet.


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