Horrifying haircut

If Titus could speak proper words and if I were to ask him to describe his trips to the hairdresser, ‘horrifying’ would be his adjective of choice.

He never fails to weep buckets every time he’s due for a trim.

This afternoon, despite having had his hair cut by the same lady several times before, Titus fell silent with apprehension as we neared the salon.

And the moment I sat us down and Kelly brought the plastic gown over for us to wear, Titus squealed and leapt out of my lap. He clawed desperately to get as far away as possible from Kelly.

Squeals soon turned to cries and screams. I’ve never seen Titus cry so hard ever. Not even during his vaccinations. He cried till he was breathless and had spasms. Until he almost threw up.

I held him as firmly as I could while my dad tried to sing to him to distract him. Well, that singing bit was necessary cos even Hi5 videos failed to pacify the terrified toddler.

Eventually we had to stop cos Titus got too hysterical. We managed to get him a good trim along his sides and back, but his fringe was incomplete.

I told my dad to take baby out of the salon while I dust myself off and pay.

And this part made me laugh: Titus obviously saw the salon as a house of horror cos he held onto the door and screamed for me while waving me over to him. It was as if he wanted me to escape with him. He refused to leave without me.

The moment I stepped out of the salon, he stopped crying and looked so calm like the commotion minutes before had never happened.

What a funny little boy!

Oh, and I used my mediocre skills to ‘save’ his fringe. I failed miserably but darling has to pay the price. He will sport an unfortunate hairstyle for this Friday’s photo shoot.



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